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Can you fertilize my trees and how much does it cost?

Absolutely! We use an Arborjet root fertilizer that penetrates the ground and puts the fertilizer at the root zone of the tree. Typically the cost of fertilizing a tree ranges from $50 to $300 depending on the diameter of the trunk at chest height.

Are you insured for commercial work?

Yes! We are insured for commercial work and we can show the Accord if you request it. Reputable contractors carry it and certainly can provide it upon request.

Are you a Better Business Bureau accredited company?

Absolutely! Please search for High Plains Tree Works BBB accreditation and you will find us.

How much does it cost to remove a tree in the Amarillo Area?

The average range of costs is from $100 to $3000 per tree.

*Many factors such as equipment access * power/phone/cable/fiber lines, * high-value obstacles with potential collateral damage, size of the tree, clean up, dumping fees, time constraints, come into play and affect the price.

Can you drop the tree for me and I can take over from there?

Yes! Without a doubt, many folks are plenty capable of taking over the task once I have rendered the tree completely safe for them. Depending upon what the customer's skill/risk tolerance level is and what type of tools are at their disposal, I can create a workable result that will make this undertaking doable and cost-effective.

What is the cost for Tree Trimming in the Amarillo Area?

Tree trimming in Amarillo ranges from $100 to $1,200 per tree.

Costs are based on the following criteria: *Can I trim it from the ground or will I need to climb it? * How much of the tree will actually be removed? * Will it need to be rigged to avoid collateral obstacles and lines? * Ease of access for machinery to remove the debris.

Do you do tree work around me?

Our service area is typically 60 miles from the center of Amarillo, TX . Obviously I can still look at work outside of the normal commuting area and I have no problem working in the middle of the high plains. Here is a list of towns that we service: Amarillo, Canyon, Vega Hereford, Claude, Clarendon, Panhandle and all of the places in between.

How much does it cost to remove a tree stump in the Amarillo area?

The average cost ranges from the base machine use rate and the hourly labor cost. The low-end cost is around $ 350 per stump.

What affects the cost? * Ease of access to get to the stump with the machine * Potential collateral damage to surrounding items/sprinklers/gas/buildings. * Size of stump and root footprint.

Who do you reccomend buying a chainsaw from in the amarillo area?

caveat: Get the best personal protective equipment you can afford - you are not replaceable.

In the Amarillo area, I only recommend authorized Stihl dealers since they are required to sell the saw at the price set by the manufacturer and they know the product they are selling. As far as repair services are concerned, only use a Stihl certified shop that uses OEM parts and can guarantee their work. I always suggest getting the best saw you can afford to also fit your needs.

What services do you offer?

I offer Free Tree health assessments, Free Estimates, Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Tree Canopy Reduction, Tree Branch Removal, Tree Climbing, Tree Rigging, In-tree Dismantle, Negative Rigging, Hazard Tree Removal, Storm Cleanup, Emergency Tree Work, Tree Stump Lowering, Tree Stump Grinding, Tree Stump Removal, Firewood Processing, Urban logging, Portable sawmilling, and Commercial Tree Falling.

When evaluating a tree what do you consider?

I consider a full spectrum of arborist services based around a "Whole-Life Continuum" that encompasses planning-preparation-mitigation-response-and recovery of the tree in question. Every tree is an individual and must be assessed as an individual when considering its present condition and also its future footprint. Hazards reduction, as well as risk mitigation, are typically the main effort when considering whether to reduce the canopy, heavy trimming, fertilizing or partial to full removal of the tree based on industry standards.

Do You recommend other Arborists?

I only recommend professional arborists who perform work to industry standards and support the trade. Tree work is a dangerous profession that requires a lot of equipment, skill, and continual training that reduces the inherent risk to an acceptable level.

Some barriers to getting tree work done- these are the ones I hear daily.

( it is long, you might want to sit down and have a cuppa)

High winds, rain, and compromised trees make for an unhappy day for most property owners regardless of whether it is a single-family home or an apartment complex. If you have called a professional arborist to assess a concern, I speak from experience and more importantly from a risk mitigation standpoint of addressing a problem before failure and eventually collapse occurs.

Some barriers to having tree work done:

1. Can it wait?

Anything can wait until it no longer can wait...gravity now becomes the master of where things fall.

2. It is too expensive!

Tree work runs the gambit of modest to expensive due to knowledge, skilled labor, and equipment, but it pales in cost compared to the 15-tonne object laying on your house, a power line, and usually a neighbors house.

3. I am on a fixed/limited income.

If you require HAZZARD REMOVAL...not a management/beautification decision and certainly not a tree in the neighbor's yard that is annoying you, call or text me, money is not everything. A caveat, if you rent, please understand that the landlord owns the house and property and they are a for-profit business...you cannot make those decisions, only the landlord can. There are some exceptions to this and for the sake of brevity, I shall not digress.

4. I think you are making this problem out to be more than what it is!

Regrettably, some salesmanship involves the use of best/worst-case scenarios as well as the best alternative to no alternative continuum to convince a customer of a course of action ranging from doing nothing to resolving the issue. If I talk to you about a tree problem, understand that I am concerned about the tree first and then the second and third-order of effect relating to the problem. Yes, you are my customer and I will certainly listen to your concerns but know that safety is the issue and I will always err on the side of caution to work towards a proper solution with your input.

5. I don't know what to do and I need to think about it?

Yes, think about it and research it while you have the luxury of time...however if the problem is glaring, make a timely decision and do not waffle.

6. Who should I hire?

The best suggestion is to use a professional arborist that possesses the knowledge, experience, and equipment to do the work. All too often, folks think that a salesman is the face of the company, while they are the first impression, the actual company is what shows up to do the job and ultimately they leave the permanent impression that the customer relates to other potential customers also known as family/ neighbors/ friends/ others requesting information on social media. I am the salesman and I am the one who is doing the job so there is no excuse for leaving any doubt of whether the end product met the customer's intent.

7. I will do it myself once you tell me what the problem is.

Many folks can do the lion's share of the work and I certainly encourage them to do so since a customer may have the means to do so. With this suggestion in mind, now is not the time to go watch a YouTube video and convince yourself that you can now drop a 70,000-pound tree in your back yard that has a mix of power lines, cables, and whatever else...call a professional and have this part done for you.

Can you help me with a hazzard tree even though I cannot afford a professional arborist?

YES! Money is not everything and I use the profits gained from my business to cover the costs at a very substantial rate- I have received a handshake as payment and that is more than enough. A hazard tree, as I see it, is one that potentially can cause catastrophic damage to a dwelling and compromise is obvious. Regrettably, renters cannot make this executive decision since the Landlord owns the house and is considered for profit.